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Ready, Set, PLAY!


Did you know that you are your child’s most important teacher?

INFANTS (0-12 months old)

Give your baby safe opportunities to move and explore. Babies love “floor time’ where they can reach, roll and crawl.

TODDLERS (1-3 years old)

Toddlers are learning to control their own bodies and develop skills like running and jumping. Active play helps with this and taps into creativity and imagination too!

PRESCHOOLERS (3-5 years old)

Preschoolers are developing confidence in movement skills that prepares them for more advanced physical activities like school sports. Play hide and seek, kickball, freeze tag, and catch!

For Group Play - activities where you form teams to learn skills

  • Exercise and activity games

  • Touch ball

  • Charades

For Free Play – activities you can do by yourself or with a sibling

  • Building a Fort

  • Lights and Shadows

  • Hide and Seek

  • Jump Rope

For Family Play – activities where you play and learn skills with your family

  • Trivia games

  • Board Games

  • Completing puzzles

Choose to Move

  • Talking a walk

  • Riding a bike

  • Helping with chores

  • Going up and downstairs

  • Dancing to music

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