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Developmental Interventions During the Pandemic

  • Children’s developmental needs remain time-sensitive, even while priorities change during this pandemic.

  • The PSDBP supports the continuation of intervention for children during the pandemic, in the mode that is deemed safest and feasible for the unique situation of each child and his family.

  • Families, doctors, and therapists can work together to help children continue to progress towards intervention goals.

  • Home-based intervention, delivered online or offline, allows families to utilize their own space and materials.

  • Parents may be empowered to take a greater involvement in the care and teaching of children, and allow them to generalize skills learned in therapy to their home.

  • Some therapeutic goals can only be accomplished from a face to face session: ex. manual manipulation during physical therapy sessions, feeding, and swallowing dysfunction.

  • Intervention programs including teletherapy should always be individualized considering child and family factors.

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